Tis the Season…..

The Season of Shoulds

You should decorate the house.
You should do Elf on the Shelf every day.
You should join the gift exchange at work.
You should make thoughtful  hostess gifts.
You should volunteer at the Christmas party.
You should find the perfect gift for Aunt Carol.
You should make five kinds of Christmas cookies.
You should shop locally to support small businesses.
You should shop on line because everyone says it’s easier.
You should be as clever as Martha Stewart (and her staff). 
You should be as effortlessly artistic everyone on Pinterest.
Oh. And you should feel Merry and Bright.

Oh no, oh no, oh no,
with all this shoulding,
how can you possibly feel any Ho Ho Ho?


Here’s my decluttering suggestion:
Stop the shoulding.

Take one giant step backwards (Mother may you?  Yes, you may!)
Take a deep breath.
In fact take two or three.

Ask yourself, “What traditions, rituals, and activities,
truly have meaning in the life I’m living right now?”
“How do I want to spend my time this month?”
“What experiences and feelings do I want to create for myself
   and those people I care about?
Everything else is holiday clutter.  
Seasonal shoulds.

Chances are your celebration will have a new look and feel.
Perhaps be smaller and less elaborate.
And it will be easier, less frantic and actually
reflect what the season truly means to you……..