No, I don’t mean the excessive and intimate details an acquaintance recently shared with you. 
I’m referring to the Too Much Information that comes into your life every day by your own choices.

Radio, television, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, web pages; all provide a constant stream of sounds, images, data and opinions, all clammorring for your attention.
All stuffing themselves into your head, vying for a reaction; whether you are conscious of them or not.

Wanting to be informed or entertained can quickly turn into Too Much Input. How often do the images leave you feeling helpless, not hopeful or the stories make you angry and frustrated, the postings make you feel like you aren’t smart, clever or creative?  How much of all that ‘communication/connection’ is just mental clutter?

What if  for one week you took a time out?  
Wake up to music instead of the news.
Make dinner without the tv on in the background.
Keep the radio off in car during your commute.
Connect with a friend by a phone call, not checking their Facebook page.

Experience how it is to be in silence.  
See where your mind goes on it’s own.
Be consciously aware of what images, ideas, opinions and inspirations you allow into your life.

Make space.  In every area of your life.