Tonight, take five.

This evening set aside five minutes, use the timer on your phone if necessary,
and  straighten up  one room.

We’re not talking a thorough cleaning, we’re talking getting rid of the trash and recycle,
picking up the books or clothes, putting things away that have been left out,
loading the dishwasher, folding the clean laundry on the chair, dealing with the day’s mail,
whatever  decluttering you can get done in one room in five minutes.

As you have experienced with the Two Minute Rule (If you can do it in two minutes or less, do it now)
you can get an amazing amount done in just a few minutes.
And it saves you from having to go back later to complete tasks.

Working for just five minutes you’ll see the evidence of which tasks you fail to follow through on.
Dirty dishes left behind?  Piles of papers?   A trail of dropped clothes?  Incomplete projects? 
Small amounts of time and little changes in routines can have a longterm effect on how your space looks, feels and functions.

Spend five minutes this evening and get up to a less cluttered space tomorrow.