Too much laundry

As an ongoing task of daily living, staying on top of the laundry can be daunting.

Some solutions:
1.  Do one load everyday.
Start the washer as part of the morning routine.
Dry, fold and put the clothes away every evening.

2.  Have fewer clothes.
The more clothes you have the more tempting it is to 
just keep wearing things until you run out.
Flaw in the theory is then you are faced with loads and loads of laundry.
And a somewhat easy task becomes a huge all day chore.

In addition, having fewer clothes also means you need less room to store them.
Getting dressed is faster and easier because your choices are limited.

3.  Use one, three section hamper in the laundry room.
Eliminate the hamper in each bedroom.
Have everyone sort their clothes into the one hamper 
as they finish wearing them.


By doing a little every day, you don’t have to set aside one whole day as laundry day.
It is easier to do something if you do it everyday.
Routines don’t necessarily make life dull, they often make it easier.

If, by chance you do have several loads of laundry that need to get done,
sort it into lights, mediums and darks, put it into bags or hampers, take them to the
laundromat and do multiple loads at the same time.
(You don’t need to worry about having enough quarters; laundromats now use prepaid debit type cards!)
When you get all the clothes clean, folded and back home,
before you put them all away; sort them.
Set aside the things that are too big, too small, too worn, out dated, etc.
Consider how many of any one type of garment is enough.
Remember how much storage you actually have.
The keepers then need to be divided into what gets hung and what gets folded.
Then store like with like, and have the clothes you wear most often, most accessible.

Make the habits of daily living as easy and routine as possible.
Spend less time taking care of things so you have more time to do what you love
and be with the people you care about.