Two Minute Rule

Now, more than ever, having a home that is uncluttered and organized will make life less stressful
and the mechanics of daily living easier.

Between working from home, managing the kids, prepping meals, trying to fit in exercise,
or creating a quiet moment or two alone-things are challenging.

You could tackle your closet, reorganize the pantry, sort your sock drawer,
clear out under the bathroom sink, or finally deal with the junk drawer.
All great projects.

But hey, let’s be realistic and start small and manageable.
Let’s try just one slight change in behavior.

Although right now it seems time is stretching out endlessly before us, we still need to manage that time.
A simple approach to that, and a basic of an Organized Life is:
The Two Minute Rule.
If you can do something in Two Minutes or Less: Do it now.
Put the dirty dish into the dishwasher.
Hang up your coat when you come in from walking the dog.
Put the folded laundry away.
Sort the mail.
Send a text to let someone know you’re thinking about them.

Get into the habit of dealing with things right now.
If it’s an unpleasant chore, you’ll be done with it in less than two minutes.
Instead of it hanging over your head all day.

One small change.
One big difference.

Oh, and don’t worry, I have lots of ideas to share about tackling the closet
and rearranging the pantry!

During this time of uncertainly, please be gentle with yourself
and kind to others.

(and keep washing those hands!)