Two minutes is still two minutes.

For many of us now it seems as though we have an abundance of time.
(Although probably not for those of you working from home, home schooling,
parenting, making three meals a day, etc. etc. etc.)
A friend commented recently that she feels a sense of luxury around the time she can now spend
on things that interest her.
How lovely is that?

How can we best use our time to give our lives shape and meaning?
To do what we have to do, so we can have time to do the things we love to do?
And connect to the people we love and care for-even if it is from a distance.

I’ve talked before about how there really is no saving, making or wasting of time;
there is just how you manage it.

Better time management skills helps us to keep our clutter under control.
As I have mentioned numerous times, and will continue to remind people,
one of the best of those skills is The Two Minute Rule.

If you can do something in two minutes or less: Do it now.
Hang up your sweater.
Put the dirty dish in the dishwasher.
Move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.
Recycle the junk mail.
Throw away the dried up pen.
Cancel an email subscription.
Say Thank You.
It’s really rather remarkable how much you can accomplish in two minutes or less.

Use the time you have now to create small changes and habits that will have
an impact long after we go back to work, kids are back in school,
and we begin to adjust to the inevitable changes that await us.