Two quick closet fixes

One:  Remove all the empty hangers.
  That alone should free up inches of space.

Two:  Group like with like.
  All your long sleeve shirts together.
  All your short sleeve shirts.
  All your pants.
  All your dresses.
  All your skirts.
  All your sports jackets.
  All your suits.
  You get the idea.

  Two B.  Within those categories,
  group all the casual items together,
  and all the work clothes together.
  If you want to be really organized,
  put those items into matching color ways.  
  All the black pants side by side.
  All the white shirts next to each other.  Etc.

For bonus points you could consider changing out 
all your mismatched, multi material hangers for 
one color of one kind.
I recommend the thin profile, non slip velvet ones.
They really do take up less space on the rod,
are non-slip, notched to hold straps in place and 
create a far less cluttered look to your closet.

And gosh, as long as you’re taking the time to switch your clothes
off the old hangers on to the nice new ones,
you might as well do a bit of purging at the same time.
Ask yourself, “Does this look fabulous on me? 
“Do I like how I look and feel when I’m wearing it?”
“Does the item still fit?”
“Is it worn, dirty, stained?”
“Out of date?  Out of style?”
“Would you buy it now?”
“Am I keeping this out of guilt or obligation?”
“How many SWAG tee shirts are enough?”

By letting go of the items you haven’t worn,
won’t wear, can believe you still even have,
your closet will have more room.
Getting dressed is easier when you have an organized closet
that only contains things you are willing and able to wear.