Use something you’ve been saving.

40.  Use something you’ve been saving like candles, nail polish, lotion.
Love this idea from (once again), Gretchen Rubin.

You know I discourage people from keeping things for Justin Case.
(just in case…)
And perhaps the new socks or the nicer bottle of wine or the new towels don’t really belong to Justin;
you’ve just been waiting for the right time to wear, drink or use them.
Make that time now.

Small treats, little indulgences, and moments of self care seem especially important in our lives right now.
With so much uncertainty, loss, and mixed emotions; finding small ways to feel better, make the routine a bit more interesting, and use what we already have will brighten our days.

So go ahead, open the jar, uncork the bottle, snuggle into the socks, light the candle,
enjoy the chocolate.

Be kind to yourself.
​It’s okay.  Really……