Use what you have.

It is easy to think if only I had the perfect __________ then I could organize my ___________.
If I could just find the right ______________ then I could keep track of my ______________.

Often we write things down but then can’t find the paper once we want it.
Or we make a list that gets misplaced or forgotten.
Or we have random notes and receipts left here and there all over the house.

Sometimes the solution is closer at hand than you may think.
If not literally in your hand, then certainly within reach; your phone.

Although there are hundreds of apps, you can use the basic Notes/Lists feature.

For example, in Notes I have a list for Fred Meyer and Trader Joes.
That way I always have my shopping list with me.
When someone mentions a book I might like to read, I add the title to my Books note.
Same with Movies.
If I see an idea for an art project, or I get an idea for a blog post; it goes under Ideas.
Restaurants I want to try?  Restaurants.
You can be as specific or as vague as suits your needs.

A receipt you think you may need in the future?  Take a quick picture of it.

You can easily delete or trash items once they are no longer needed or relevant .

Why write things on a piece of paper, if later you can’t find the paper
or you end up entering it in your phone anyway?
(A chance to practice the Two Minute or Less Rule)

If you are looking for more ways to find/search/organize/share your notes,
Evernote or Google Keep are great options.

Changing the habit of writing things on a scrap of paper, 
adding items to the grocery list on the fridge, or
stuffing receipts into your purse or pocket
takes time, but
I think helps uncluttered your life.

Where else in your home and life can you
Use What You Have?