Want or need?

Clutter is often a result of items we purchased which we wanted
but didn’t necessarily need.

We were tempted by the sale price,
or the perceived lure of its usefulness,
or the can’t remember if I already have this,
or maybe the having a back up would be a good idea,
or if it’s in bulk in must be a savings,
or, or, or.

Many times these purchases sit unopened in the bag
or unused on the shelf,
or end up necessitating a trip back to the store as a return.

We all shop for a variety of reasons,
Pause before you bring out your wallet.
Be clear on exactly what it is you think you are buying.
Where it will live in your home, and
how it supports the life you say you want to be living.


If you want to have less clutter and
a more organized home and life
you need to shop wisely.