What you see.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.?”
Thomas Merton

Just as we get habituated to the piles and clutter in our homes,

this can happen with the art we have on our walls, the photos on the book shelf and the mementos on our desks.

When we chose to display these various items it was because they had meaning and we felt connected to them and the memories they evoked.

Perhaps it is time to revisit these decorations.

Thoughtfully consider if your taste is the same, the book shelf is over crowded or your mementos have just become dust magnets.

Simply rearranging some items could give new feeling to a room or space. 

Or editing a collection down to just a few of the most special items.

Reframing the photos in similar frames would unify the look and draw your attention to the subjects.  (Perhaps it is time for updated photos of the people you love and care about?)

We each get to decide what is art in our lives. 

The items we hang on our walls, display on our shelves and have homes on our desks should be things that make our hearts happy.

Choose to surround yourself with those items which continue to have meaning, inspire you, remind you, and make you feel at home in your own house and life.

Happy rearranging.