What’s the story?

I love a good story.
One of the things I like most about my job as an Organizer is getting to hear my client’s stories.
The narratives they share about their lives, the back story on their things, the account of how they ended up working with me.

Our lives are made up of stories: Threads we weave together, conversations we repeat, moments we hold  in our minds.
We give meaning to our lives and the things in our lives by the stories we tell about them.


Sometimes when it is challenging to let go of something, it’s because of the story we’ve attached to that item.
Who gave it to us,
how much we spent,
the length of time it has been in our life,
what we hope the item says about us, or
how someone else would feel if we were to let the item go.

But you know, the story and the item are two completely different things.
Being able to recognize and separate the two is what allows us to make good choices about what has real meaning and value in our lives
and what is just stuff.
Letting go of the thing doesn’t mean we have to forget the story, or the memories we may have attached to the item.  
Although sometimes that can be exactly what we may want and need to do!

The money is gone, holding onto the thing doesn’t get us the money back.
Just because we’ve had the book for ten years doesn’t mean we need to keep it for another ten.
People are far more impressed by what you do and say than anything you may have in your home.
And you can’t control anyone else’s feelings.  Hopefully your best relationships aren’t predicated on you displaying gifts that person gave you.


Start paying attention to the stories you tell yourself.
About your stuff.
About others.
About yourself.
You’re the one that gives the story its meaning and power.

Honor your time and your life by filling your home and your heart
with stories of connection and whole heartedness.