What’s the use?


Everything has a use and a purpose.

Hobby supplies are meant to create things.
Clothes are meant to cover our bodies.
Dishes are for dining.
Pots and pans for cooking.
Sports equipment gets you out and moving.
Books are meant to be read.
(I think you know where this is going…….)

If you’re not knitting a sweater, 
wearing the pants,
drinking from the mug,
baking a souffle,
using your tennis racket,
reading or rereading that novel:
Let it go.
Let the stuff serve its purpose.

Quit wasting the stuff’s potential and usefulness
while you wait around to find the time,
lose the ten pounds, or
keep it for Justin Case.

Clearing out your excess, unused, under valued and unloved stuff
will create more room for you to find and live your purpose. 
And I’m willing to bet your purpose has more to do with people and relationships
than it does to things.