Who you are

Who you are is more important than what you do.

You aren’t your job.
Or your title, your pay grade or your bank account balance.

As the past few months have pointed out, things change in a heartbeat (or a sneeze).
We are being challenged to adapt, rethink, pause, rearrange and 
find creative solutions just to get though the week.

This is how who we are manifests.

It’s true that many of your best qualities got you where you are in the world.
And help define what you ‘do’.

Try to let go of your attachments to what you do,
even when that doing-ness is helpful.
Bring your focus to who you are.
What do you value?
What ideas resonate in your heart?
What can you do to show the world who you truly are?

Try being a human being,
not a human doing……