Why before how.

Knowing the why can make the how easier.

 Any change you’re hoping to make in your life, whether it is to declutter, or lose some weight,
or change jobs, or stop biting your nails
are much more likely to happen if you are honest about why you want the results.

Should isn’t nearly the motivator people assume it is.
And appearance and perception can change in a moment.

To create real and lasting change we need to spend time looking beneath our initial reason
and find the real desire that is fueling our want.

Being  honest in our heart of hearts will make the space for intention to manifest as results.
Getting clear on where we want our results to lead keeps us motivated and willing to stick with changing our habits and routines. 

Understanding and being honest with ourselves about what is important and valuable
makes our interior lives more closely aligned with our outward appearance and actions.

Go ahead, set some goals and intentions for this new year.
But before you fill that bag with clothes to donate,
or stock up on carrot and celery sticks,
or send your resume out:  Get some clarity about the real results you want in your life.


If you need some assistance in setting the goals, or staying motivated, or holding yourself accountable,
here are some links that might be helpful:

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