Wishing you an imperfect Holiday

My wish for you this Season is for things to be imperfect.
 And for you to be okay with it.
In fact, for you to  find joy in things not looking like the advertisements.
For you to be touched by people’s misguided gifts.
I wish you might relax enough to be amused by your family interactions, not threatened or angry.

I wish that you could see how charmed the people who love you are by your imperfections.
That it’s really okay that your life is a little messy, and you truly are doing the best you can at this moment.

Hidden under the pile of wrapping paper, the tangle of ribbons, the powdered sugar dust on the cookie plate,
tucked into the small moments of joy and satisfaction,
centered in the laughter and nostalgia, is what truly makes the season Merry and Bright:
Love for ourselves and our good wishes for others.

Wishing you Peace in your Heart.
And a Perfectly Imperfect Christmas.