Would you buy it now?

As you sort through your ‘stuff’, if you have difficulty deciding what to keep, ask yourself “Would I buy this item now?”

A Yes answer indicates that it is something you currently use and value.
That means you decide does it live in the area you are sorting?
If here, based on importance and need, where is its ‘home’.

If not in this area, where in your house should it live?
If it is important enough to keep, it needs to have a place where you can readily locate it when the need arises.

A No means it no longer has use or value in the life you currently lead.  
True, you spent ‘good money’ on it, there was a time you used it, you wore it once or maybe twice, or it is part of a hobby or activity you used to spend time doing….

That was then, this is now.

Hoping you might use it again, keeping it Justin Case,
rationalizing that it doesn’t take up very much space; all cause clutter and disorganization.

Make space for the life you want to be living,
doing activities that delight you, and
connecting with the people you care about and love.