Your invisible roommate.

Okay, it’s challenging enough some days to live with people you can actually see.
Their stuff takes up room in our closets and on our pantries and in the garage.

How many of us are living with an invisible roommate, Justin Case?
What is in your closet ‘just in case I lose ten pounds’?
Or in the pantry ‘just in case I need four five year old cake mixes’?
Or in the garage ‘just in case I decide after six years to play tennis again, 
or repair the broken chair,
or suddenly decide to hike the Pacific Crest trail and 
need four sleeping bags, three tents 
and two camping stoves’?
(Not to mention, the guy doesn’t help out, at all, ever.
He just stores his stuff all over your house!)

The next time you catch yourself using ‘just in case‘ as a reason or justification
for holding on to something; 
Remind yourself:  That was then.  This is now.
If you stopping storing things for Justin, you’ll have more space in your life for your life.

Trust that if the time comes and you do lose the ten pounds,
or you need a cake mix or you go for a hike, 
you have the ability and the means to get what you need 
to make those things happen.

Make space in your life now
by reclaiming the spaces you’ve given to Justin Case.