A math Story Problem. (No trains are leaving the station….)

When is a plus really a minus?

In other words: When does adding something actually take away something?

When we add things we get more.  
And we’ve been conditioned to think that more is better.
If we take something away, we often assume things have been diminished.

However, in the case of the things we bring into our home,
the activities we add to our calendar,
the duties we assume out of obligation:
Adding more rarely makes our life better.
In fact, more often adds to our clutter, stress and feelings 
of being overwhelmed, and life being out of control.

Subtracting items from our home that we no longer use, need or love,
  adds space and ease to our lives.
Eliminating activities that drain us gives us time to spend
  doing things we love with people we care about.
Carefully selecting our obligations makes the best use of our time and talents.

The next time you are tempted to add a thing,
an activity, or a commitment to your home, life or schedule-
Do the math.
Is it a plus?
Or will it really end up as a minus?

It is your story to write.