For just this moment

Right here, right now, take one slow in breath.
Slowly let that one breath out.

Just for this moment, let go of your mental list:
The shoulds,
could haves,
and if only. 
Why don’t I?
Why didn’t they?
It’s not enough. 
It’s all too much. 
I’m overwhelmed. 
I’m under acknowledged.
I’m unworthy.
I need.
They want.
Where should I start?
How can I stop?

Put down the stick you use to beat yourself up.
Lower the bar you never seem to meet.

Practice letting go.
(And trust me, it is a practice……..)

See if in your breath you can find a tiny bit of space
just to be right here.
And have that be enough.

Because letting go of even a tiny bit of the mental clutter
is how you practice letting go of the other clutter in your life.