Good enough.

Many people who are challenged by clutter are self proclaimed perfectionists.
Which often results in clutter.
Ironic, I know.

They are waiting for the perfect filing system before they start dealing with their papers.
They are looking for the perfect set of containers before they start organizing their pantry.
If they could just find the perfect baskets they would tackle the messy shelf in the coat closet.

Give up on perfect and aim for good enough.

Perfect can be paralyzing,
Good enough moves you forward.

Start by getting rid of papers you don’t need to keep.
Toss out food that’s expired, stale or you know you’ll never eat.
Sort the hats, gloves, dog leashes and scarves in the closet; 
let go of the unmatched, never worn, or ugly.

Once you’ve sorted and pared down an area,
then use what you’re keeping to decide if you even need containers.
Perfect or otherwise.