Quality over quantity

Being better organized is about making better decisions.
Choosing to store frequently used things in accessible places.
Taking care of something now, instead of leaving it until later.
Knowing how many is enough.

And just as important, it is about being thoughtful and conscious about where we spend our money.
Cheap things are cheap, for a reason.
In the long run, cheap is expensive.
Consider the hidden costs of what we buy, who actually is making it, where and under what conditions.
What is the real price of owning more than we really need?
When cheap things wear out, break, or stop working; where do they end up?
When you throw things ‘away’, there is no real away.
It ends up in a landfill somewhere.

Better quality items last longer,
usually feel, look and function more smoothly,
are easier to maintain,
and need replacing less frequently,

Make an effort to buy the best quality you can afford.
(and if you’re buying something just because it’s cheap, 
maybe you don’t really need it after all)
Spending a bit more now can often save you
from having to spend money again and again on the same items.