Every day we create narratives  to explain, justify, praise, condemn, condone, dismiss,  and give meaning to our actions.
(Or lack of)

Repetition has made us believe some of them are true,
others are a convenient way to avoid action,
and some have become so habitual we fail to notice their consequences.

What stories do you tell yourself about your clutter and disorganization?
    “When I have more time, then I’ll get organized.”
    “I know what’s in every pile.”
    “I can find things-eventually.”
    “I’ll never change.”

What if you got a bit more creative in your story telling?
What if you changed the narrative to reflect the life you want to be living?
What if your internal dialogue encouraged you to make some different choices?

Maybe the new stories could go something like this:
    “I’m going to spend five minutes before bed getting things ready for the morning.”
    “I’ll put this item away, not just set on that pile.”
    “Having a home for things makes them easier and faster to find.”
    “I don’t have to do it all at once; I can make small changes that will encourage me to keep trying.”

You’re the one writing the story of your life.
You’re the one choosing where the story takes place, selecting the scenery,
choosing how you’ll react to plot twists,
which situations will amuse or challenge you,
and who the cast of supporting characters will be.

Don’t clutter the story with stuff that no longer serves you, items you don’t need or love, and
things (or thoughts) you’ve been keeping out of guilt or obligation.

Make your life and your story a creative reflection of your most heartfelt desires.