The race is on!

The Holiday Marathon has begun.  Shopping and  wrapping and baking and decorating and parties and pot lucks and gift exchanges and travel plans and traditions and, and, and.  
Exhausting to think about and impossible to not feel like you’re behind before you’ve even begun. 


If you’ve been engaged in the process of decluttering your life,
if you’ve made some much needed space in your home,
if you’re trying to have a simpler more connected life,
then step away from the December More is better Madness.


Take a breath.  
Decide who and what about the Season has meaning for you.
Concentrate on doing one or two things that warm your heart and reflect your kindest intentions.


Bake one kind of cookie.
Decorate just the tree.
Offer your regrets to the party hostess.
Give fewer gifts.  (Most people don’t need another pig for their collection)
Turn off the television.
Sit quietly with just a candle burning.
Be grateful.  


It’s only a race if you choose to run.
Walking will get you to the same destination,
with more time to enjoy the sights and sounds along the way.