A little now or more later.

Two Minute Rule:
If you can do something in two minutes or less,
do it now.

You can quickly do a little now, 
or a lot more later.

You can deal with today’s four pieces of mail now
or you can pile them on the desk and deal with a lot more later in the week.

You can hang up your coat now,
or you can fling it over the chair,
add a sweater tomorrow,
another jacket the next day,
and have a huge pile to deal with at the end of the week.

You could put your dirty cup into the dishwasher now,
or set it on the counter,
next to a bowl from breakfast
maybe the plate from a snack,
and slowly fill the counter.

Clutter has magnetic properties.
Stuff attracts stuff.
Piles grow.

By dealing with items in a timely manner, 
habitually returning things to their homes,
and making habits of the mechanics of daily living;
clutter and disorganization don’t have a chance
to establish themselves.

Do a little now,
and have a lot more time later
to do what you love
and spend time with people who matter to you.