Maybe you can, maybe you can’t.

Letting go of some things takes little or no effort.
We realize we no longer need, use or value an item.
It doesn’t fit, our taste and style has changed, we already have enough.
We recognize that was then, and this is now.

But then, we come across something that although logically we know 
it is not longer part of the life we are living
and it doesn’t have a place in the life we are working to create; somehow we just can’t let it go.
Our heart lurches a bit, we feel a twinge of guilt, 
a tiny voice in our heads says “You’ll be sorry.”

Okay, pause. Take a breath.
Ask yourself why this item presents a challenge.
Ask yourself why you feel  so attached to this particular thing.
Did someone you care deeply about give you this?
Are you keeping it out of guilt or obligation?
Does this represent some activity you feel you ‘should’ be doing?
Does it reflect a conflict between who you are now and who you used to be?
Did you spend a lot of money for it?

Okay, take another breath.
First, it is just a thing.
The only reason it has meaning or importance is the story that you choose to tell about it.
Could you tell yourself a different story?
Could you let go of the shoulds?
Could you release yourself from the guilt or obligation?
Could you accept the person you are now, the life you’re currently living?
Do you see that the money is gone, and holding on to the item
doesn’t get your money back?

Maybe you can change how you think about this item.
Maybe you can’t.
If you can, and you’re willing and able, let the item go.
If not, it’s okay.
Keep it.
Perhaps in the future you’ll revisit it and have different feelings and reactions.

They are your stories,
your things,
your decisions
and  your choices.
You get to decide what lives in your home,
which items you want surrounding you.


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