A new kind of Gift Exchange

It’s that time of year when family, friends, or co workers decide to arrange for this year’s Holiday Gift Exchange.  (I hear some of you groaning)

Last year friends of mine at Martingale  participated in an exchange that proved to be fun for the staff and provide toys to less fortunate kids.

(And didn’t end up creating more ‘stuff’ in everyone’s office or  home)

Co workers names were exchanged. The participants  then bought a toy or a game for the person that they thought reflected their personality/interests/idea of fun. 

The gifts were wrapped, tagged and exchanged during the Staff Holiday Luncheon.

People laughed, a lot. They got to be kids again, delighting in opening up toys and games.  People reminisced about playing with certain toys as kids.  People were charmed and delighted by how their co workers gifts reflected their interests and quirks.  Did I mention they laughed?

After the presents were all unwrapped, the toys were donated to a charitable organization that distributed the gifts to kids. 

I loved hearing about this idea.

(Almost makes me wish I worked in an office!)

I thought it captured many of the best parts of gift giving:  Imagination, fun, knowledge of the recipient, anticipation of their reaction, and being generous.

And the gifts got to be unwrapped and delighted over twice!  How fun is that?

Choose to make gift giving fun.