“He who knows he has enough is rich.”  Lao-tzu
We each get to decide how much will make us rich.
If six pairs of back jeans makes you feel rich, you don’t need to buy a seventh pair.
If four is enough, give two pair away.
Relationships, time, money, art, books, adventures; you choose how much is enough.
Your time, energy and attention are limited, so your actions and choices reflect what you value.
The more clear you are about what’s important to you, the easier it will be to have a richer life.
Who do you want to spend your time with?
What kinds of activities engage your head and heart?
Which things create an atmosphere of richness in your home?
Make conscious decisions about how much is enough.
(Ten of one thing isn’t ten times as good as one.  
It’s just one thing, ten times over.)
It is your choice how rich your life will be.
You decide how much is enough.
Choose wisely.