Ack! Don’t let it in the house!

No, clutter doesn’t sneak in while you’re sleeping or appear when no one is home and the house is quiet.

You bring in home in your purse, in bags, and with the day’s mail.

Having a less cluttered and more organized home starts before the front door.
It starts with awareness.  
It begins when you pay attention to  the possessions you already have.
The situation changes when you establish routines and habits that
support putting things away in a specific place, buying less, and 
making conscious choices about who and what is important in your life.

The One In, One Out Rule (for each item that comes into your home, an item needs to go),
helps keep the pantry from becoming stuffed again, the jeans drawer from exploding, and
squeezing the car out of the garage.

Five of something isn’t fives times as good as one.
It’s one, five times over.
And it is four more to find room for, clean and maintain.

By getting in the habit at the store (or garage sale, or free giveaway) of asking yourself
“Where will this live?” 
“What will it replace?”  
“How many do I need?”
you will be able to be more mindful of what you’re choosing
to let into your house
and into your life.

You only have so much time, money and energy:
How do you want to be spending it?

Your choices equal your life.