You won’t miss it.

Look around.
What could you grab right now and recycle, donate or toss that you wouldn’t even miss?

One ugly item from your closet?
Two of the six wooden spoons in the kitchen crock?
The three month old magazine still in its shrink wrap?
Four dvds that you didn’t like the first time you watched them?
Five of the mugs crowding the shelf?
Six of the short, erase-less pencils crammed in the cup on the desk?
Seven of the pens in there with them?

You get the idea.
People think that they have to devote hours to decluttering
in order to make a difference in their situation.
Ha!  Not true.
There are lots of quick “little bites” you can take that
will have an impact.
And get you thinking about How Many is Enough?

Having less clutter is an ongoing process.
Learning to look at what you have and why,
and making choices every day about what is important,
what you want to keep and what you’re willing to let go of.

If what you want really is a simpler life-
what choices can you make right now
to support that vision?