An alternative to When/Then

How often do you think When ______ happens,
Then I will do ___________?

Somehow we think there will be more time tomorrow,
or that waiting to begin on a Monday will be better,
or having new equipment or supplies will make the project perfect,
or that you’ll have more energy later,
or an number of reasons (excuses) to put off starting.

Start today.
Start now.

Don’t wait until you have three free hours to tackle your closet.
Begin today by just pulling out all the empty hangers.
Putting all the known ugly, don’t fit, won’t wear, out of style, what were you thinking clothes
in a bag for donation. 

Don’t wait until life is calmer to revisit your meditation practice.
Sitting for five minutes today will make a difference.

Forget about starting a new diet on Monday.
Go for a ten minute walk at lunch today.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Ignore the pile of mail on the table.
Start with what came today:
Recycle the junk mail, note the due date on the bills,
set aside the items you want to read.

Tomorrow has the same 24 hours as today.
If you’re motivated enough to consider change;
act on that change right now.
Taking a small step today has greater impact
than never taking the big step tomorrow.

Act now.
Your time and space are limited.
Choose to act today to create the life you really want.

Stop waiting.
Start doing.