Bites, snacks and meals

Organizing Bites:

Quick, one step actions such as hanging up your jacket.

Putting your dirty dish in the dishwasher.

Throwing out the dried up pen.

Organizing Snacks:

Actions that take a bit longer and may involve

a few steps, such as sorting the day’s mail.

Putting away the folded laundry.

Sorting a shelf in the pantry.

Organizing Meals:

Just as a meal may involve prep, multiple courses,

and having the right ingredients at hand;

an Organizing Meal is a larger, multi step project.

Sorting and organizing an entire closet.

Creating a home office space.

Purging your file drawer.

Whether you have time for just a bite,

or you want the satisfaction of a whole meal:

By matching time, interest and energy to your Organizing tasks

it will be easier to be successful at making the changing you are hoping to accomplish.

Dig in!