Gretchen Rubin’s blog today was an interview with Jeffrey Davis, who writes about Wonder.

You may or may not want to read the post, but two passages resonated with me:

 “Wonder, more so than joy, gives rise to generosity, compassion, social attunement, and a sense of time abundance. Wonder often arises in conversation or collaboration, for instance.

 Wonder is not kid’s stuff. Wonder is radical grown-up stuff. The likes of ecologists, cultural anthropologists, and biologists alike have recognized that we need to foster more wonder in order for our species to thrive, if not for our planet to survive.”

You may wonder (bad pun) what Wonder has to do with decluttering and organization.
I believe the reason to declutter and be more organized is to create the time and energy in our lives
to be our authentic selves.
To have the space and attention to spend doing what we love, and being with the people we love.
To experience joy, generosity, compassion and abundance.
To have room for Wonder………