Bugs you lots

Where is that one space in your house that really bugs you?
Which pile makes you the most annoyed?
What area takes the most effort to keep under control and clutter free?

Take a moment and just look at what’s piled up there.
Do the things not have homes?
Are they items you’re doing to get right back to (but haven’t)?
Did they get left there on the way to somewhere else?
Are they decisions you’ve been unwilling to make?

Once you have an idea of the why of the clutter, 
it will be easier to take care of what’s there in an appropriate way.
Figure out if the items are worth keeping and if so, find them a home.
If they are things that never get put away, perhaps they need a new home closer to where they are used or needed.
Make a decision about the item.  
Move forward.  
Live with the results.

Trade annoyance for action.
A pile for a clean surface.

Small changes.
Big results.