What I’d take.




















Current events, both the hurricane in Texas and the wildfires in the West, have necessitated people leaving their homes with little or no notice.  
Quickly being forced to choose which things they will save
and what will be left to fate or Mother Nature.

Talk about the ultimate Decluttering situation.

I am very grateful that my house isn’t flooding and
the nearest wildfire is 90 miles away.
However, the  situation has given me a chance to think about what would I take?
What means home to me?
If I had to start again, which things have meaning?
Which things reflect the life I want to be leading?

Art, color, and things I’ve created by hand say Home to me.
Living in bright spaces, surrounded by paintings, photographs,
and hand crafted items is meaningful to me.

Take a moment today:
Be grateful your house isn’t under two feet of water, or
fire isn’t threatening to torch your house.

Then try the exercise of “What would I take?”
Consider the stories behind your choices.
See how the choices reflect what’s important to you.

May disaster never force us to have to grab and go,
and may we live each day in gratitude for the abundance which surrounds us.


Painting is by Dawn Winters.
I sewed the quilted wall hanging.
Mixed media sculpture by Kathy Ross.