Chores or routines

Have chores you hate to do?
Bill paying.
Filling and emptying the dishwasher.

Switch them from chores to routines.
By creating daily (or weekly) routines for certain activities
they will get done on a regular basis.
You will waste less time trying to figure out when you’re going to do what.
You will be less likely to avoid or procrastinate because you’ve established a day or time 
​to take care of the task. 

If you make it your routine to Pay Bills every Monday; for the rest of the week you can forget about what’s due, what you’ve paid, or what you might have missed. 
You’ve taken care of it on Monday. 
If more bills come in during the week, you’ll take care of them next Monday.

If you make it your routine to run a load of laundry every day. 
There won’t be a mountain of dirty clothes threatening to suck up your entire weekend.

Run the dishwasher every night.
Empty it every morning.
(Or assign someone else in your home the task)
Make it a routine.

Establishing some simple routines (or call them habits if you prefer)
around tedious tasks frees up physical and mental energy. 

Simple, easy to remember routines make the best use of your time, 
and make the mechanics of daily living easier.
And isn’t an easier life what you want to create?