Shoulding on yourself

should be more organized.
should have a cleaner house.
should exercise.
should volunteer more.
should spend more time with family.
Should. Should. Should.
How much stress and anxiety are all these shoulds creating in your life?

The next time an ‘I should’ thought goes through you head,
check out whose voice is really speaking.
Chances are it isn’t your own voice at all.
(It takes practice really listening to be able to hear what your own authentic voice is saying)

A large piece of living the life you truly want is
recognizing who and what is really important to you.
Then making choices and decisions about your actions
that reflect and support what you truly value.

Trade the shoulds for “I want to, I choose to, it’s important to me that I…….”

If being more organized means you spend less time on the mechanics of daily life
and more time doing something you love:
Then make the effort to declutter and organize.

Exercise because you like the way it makes you feel inside your own body,
not because someone else thinks you should.

Spend more time with family and friends because you want to feel connected,
not because you feel pressure or obligation.

Over the next week notice when you start shoulding, 
and see if the action demanded
resonates with what’s really important to your head and heart.

(Oh, and be careful you don’t should on anyone else)