Close the circle.

Clutter is often the result of a distraction or a delayed decision.

You will get an item from its home, use it and then spot a
bright shining object, oops 
you’re distracted and the item never gets put away.
And you’ve moved onto something else.

Or you buy something,
bring it home, but
haven’t decided where it will live
so it gets left out,
causing clutter.

Make a practice of closing the circle.
Get the item.
Use it.
As soon as it is no longer needed
close the circle
by putting it back in its home.

Before you buy and bring something new home
decide what it is going to replace,
and where it will live.
Then when you bring it home, 
discard the old one and
close the circle by putting the new one away.

You close the circle when you:
Place the dirty dish into the dishwasher,
Put the folded laundry away.
Shred the mail as you open it.
Hang up your towel.
Drop off the bags of donations.

Close the circle.