Did you say ‘Thank You’?

Anxious letting something go because “It was a gift.”?

How thoughtful of your spouse, friend, parent, 
child, sibling,  or co worker to think of you.
And your total obligation to that thoughtfulness is to say “Thank You.”

You don’t have to 
wear the item,
eat the item,
use the item,
display the item, 
or keep it.

You get to decide what lives in your house.
What you want to wear, eat, spend time using,
or have on display.
It’s your house, remember?

If the giver notices or comments about your use
or lack of, or where the gift is:
That’s really about them-their neediness,
their taste and their sense of what’s important,
beautiful or useful.

Would you want a gift you gave to become clutter 
in someone else life or home?
(I think not)

“Thank you” is enough.