Start small

Sure your closet is chaos.
The garage has a tiny path.
The pile of papers on your desk is precarious.
You know you have a dining room table-it’s holding up the piles.

If it all seems daunting and a wee bit overwhelming,
narrow your focus.
Start with the floor in the closet,
the area just inside the door to the garage,
the left side of the desk.

Set a timer for ten minutes.
Sort, toss, pile like with like.
Stop after ten minutes.
See the difference.
There will be a difference!

Allow the progress to inspire you.

All this clutter didn’t appear in ten minutes,
it will take more than ten minutes to get the situation under control.
But, starting small and devoting time and energy to the situation
will change the look, feel and function of an area.

You can do this.
Change is possible.
Just start.