Experiences make the best stories.

To wrap up this theme of our stuff and the stories we tell about it,
let me gently remind you, 
(or nag if that would be more appropriate),
experiences make the best stories and memories of all.

We all have enough time to spend doing what we love, 
hanging out with the people we care about
if we choose to make that a priority.
Sharing experiences; from conversations to big adventures,
have far more meaning than any stuff we could buy.

When your final story is told do you want it to be about
how big your house was,
how new your car,
how vast your wardrobe, or
how extensive your collections?

Or do you want people to tell stories about how you made them laugh,
the hikes you took together,
the meals you shared,
how you encouraged them to dream and
be creative, and
how you always made time for them?

Your choices write your story.