More stories.

In addition to the stories we associate with our ‘stuff’,  there are the stories we have about people and events in our lives.
Many of these stores have become mental or emotional clutter.

Some we have told ourselves (and others) so often their delivery includes pauses for dramatic effect.
It only takes a small reminder or single word and suddenly we’re launched into the narrative and find ourselves sucked into the circling vortex of the thoughts and emotions the story holds for us.

What if we could let the story go?
Does retelling the same event over and over make us feel better or worse?  Sad or happy?
Do we really want to devote mental and emotional space and energy to telling ourselves the tale one more time?

Just as holding on to too many physical items from our past limits the space we have for the life we are now living and hoping to create, so is devoting mental and emotional energy to repetitious tales from our past limiting.


Start to pay attention to the voice in your head.
Pause, and give yourself permission to turn the page.
Close the mental book on stories that no longer serve you.

Make the story in your head one of connections, compassion and supporting yourself and others to make space for an open and heartfelt life.

Your choices create your life.