How many

is enough?

One, three, five, seven?
Jeans, coffee cups, pairs of shoes, unread magazines, old tee shirts…
Only you know the answer to that math story  problem.

More isn’t better.  It is just more. 
Anything more than enough is merely excess and can quickly become clutter.

Remember that ten of something isn’t ten times better than one.  It is one, ten times over.
And that having one item of high quality is better than having four cheap ones.  

Decide the number that makes you feel comfortable.  The number you need and can use.
The number that fills your need for sentiment around a particular event.
Pare what you have down to the best, most meaningful, the ones that look fabulous on you, the number that you can reasonably store and access.

Once you’re at the perfect number then it’s time to practice the One In, One Out rule.
If you bring something new into the house, one thing that’s there has to go.

Enough really is enough already!