Identify your weakness

(Chocolate, obviously…)

With regard to your things and clutter: 
Is your weakness:
Difficulty getting rid of things?

One of theses areas is probably a more significant struggle for you than the others.
Understanding which of these actions you find most challenging will help you focus
your attention on that aspect of the process,
and be able to make some small but powerful changes.

Challenged by Acquisition?
            Try not shopping for a week. 
            Drive past the garage sale.
             Ignore the ‘clearance’ table. 
             Leave your selection in the Cart for a day or two.

Feeling disorganized?
            Start by establishing homes for the things you use every day.
            Put your keys in the same place. 
            Set up an area to deal with the mail. 
            Don’t put things down-put them away.

Can’t seem to let go?
            Imagine there is someone who could use your item, right now.  
            Stop giving Justin Case room in your closet. 
            Acknowledge that was then, this is now; and purge accordingly.

Merely paying closer attention to your thoughts and actions will help you change your behaviors.
The more frequently you exercise your new options, 
the faster you’ll turn your weakness to a strength.

Some days will be easier than others. 
Some parts of the process more of a challenge depending on the items involved.

Living a less cluttered, more organized life is a practice and process.