Is it worth keeping?

Wait a minute.
Before you put that item away ask yourself:
“Is it worth keeping?”

Putting things away when you’re finished with them is key to eliminating clutter.
Sometimes though, it’s a good idea to stop and consider if
you really need or want to keep an item.

Before you toss a dried up pen back in the drawer, 
put a chipped cup back on the shelf,
hang up a shirt that’s a tiny bit too tight, 
or make room for another book on an already crowded shelf:
Ask yourself, “Is this worth keeping?”

If it isn’t: Let it go.
(You know-recycle, donate, toss.)

Oh, and let’s not forget the mental or emotional items we’re keeping. 
Is it helpful to hold onto that grudge or resentment, anger or fear?
Would letting go of those stories and memories make space in your head and heart?

You decide what has worth and value in the life you’re living right now.
Thoughtful decisions about what you have in your home and heart
create a home you enjoy and a life you love.