Is six enough? Ten too many? (Probably)

Although this math question could apply to many items in your home,
drawers, closets or garage; today consider it in regard to plastic storage containers.
Your Tupperware heaven, Rubbermaid hell.

I understand the theory:  You may need something to hold leftovers,
a container for tomorrow’s lunch,
the extra potatoes from the big family dinner.

But really, at any one time how many leftovers do you have?
How many lunches?
Does anyone really eat left over mashed potatoes?

Chances are you have allocated an entire shelf or drawer to the storage of plastic containers.
Many more than you really need or will ever use.

Open up valuable kitchen real estate by sorting through this space.
Remove every container and lid.
Immediately toss any that are warped, stained or don’t have a matching bottom/top.
Keep only the clear ones.
(If you can’t see what’s inside, chances are you will never remember what’s in there)

Sort the keepers like size with like size.

Now do the math.
Realistically how many do you need to keep?
(Would using ziplock bags as an alternative be a better option?)
Keep a few less than you’ve talked yourself into.
You can always use a small bowl-and eat the leftover right out of it!
(Why dirty more dishes?)

No matter the size of your kitchen, your space is limited.
Don’t use up valuable space storing items for Justin Case.