Letting go

But when we really delve into the reason for why we can’t let something go,
there are only two:
An attachment to the past or a fear for the future.  Marie Kondo


How much room in your current life do you want to fill with items from your past?
How does being afraid of the future serve the life you currently want to be creating?

Is letting go easy?
Not always.
However, holding onto things we no longer need, use or value
doesn’t simplify our lives.
And anxiety or worry about what may happen in the future
keeps us from being present with the abundance we now enjoy.

Practice letting go.
Of clothes that don’t fit.
Books you’ll never read.
Household items you no longer use.
Sports equipment you don’t play with.
Thoughts about situations out of your control.

Be present to the life you have now,
have it reflect who and what are your most heartfelt desires.

Your life.
Your choices.