Make a list, or two…

 Make a list; check it twice.

Make a list:
Gift list.
Grocery list. 
Commitments list.  

Stop trying to keep track of everything in your head.
Write it down.

Written lists help insure that we shop with a purpose and a plan, 
we buy what we need, 
and we show up when and where we’re invited.

Getting things out of our heads and down on paper (or digitally noted)
makes keeping track of things easier.

Check the list twice:  
Or three times, 
or until everything is crossed off.
Carry the list with you.  
A list can’t help you if leave it on the counter and you’re in the store. 

(I’ve found that keeping  lists on my phone makes it easy to add items,
and I don’t have to worry about losing the piece of paper)

Lists mean crossing out!  Or deleting, if we’re doing it digitally.
A completed list or an empty note folder is a small but significant reward,
and reinforces that we can be in control of our time and money.

Sometimes clutter is a result of feeling scattered and overwhelmed 
about all we think we need to be doing and having in our lives.
Lists remind us what we need to be doing, 
help us focus, and remind us what we’ve chosen as our priorities.