Make it easy

Help yourself be successful by making it easy to take care of the mechanics of daily living.

Instead of dropping your cozy clothes onto the bedroom chair;
put hooks on the back of the door so you can easily hang them up as you take them off.

Have a donation bag near the dryer so you can easily add unwanted clothes to it ​as they come out of the dryer.

Open your mail over the recycle container so you can easily drop unwanted mail as you open it.

Keep your grocery list on your phone so you don’t have to remember to take a paper list with you.

Set up automatic payments through your bank for reoccurring bills.

Keep a few clean garbage bags in the bottom of your trash cans so you can easily change them when you remove a full one.

By eliminating steps-both mental and physical ones, 
and changing a few small habits, you can simplify your life.

Choose to make your life easy.
You’ll be happier and more content.