More money $

There are two ways to have more money:
  Earn more.
  Spend less.

You could work more hours, ask for a raise or find a better paying position.
Decrease your expenses.  (I heard the groan, heavy sigh, eye rolling)

Everyone thinks having more money would improve their lives.
And it might.  Or not.


How you come by that additional money may be as important as the cash itself.


An increase in hours, meeting with the boss or starting a job search are all
options you may want to pursue.

Until you’re ready or willing to move in those directions may I suggest
paying closer attention in your daily life and routines to see where the money you currently earn is spent?
I’m not suggesting tracking every penny you spend, or  you vowing to only spend cash,
or planning some elaborate monthly budget-complete with a spread sheet.  
(Although your certainly welcome to do those things if you’d like…)

Just note if you’re throwing food away because you buy it then never take the time to prepare it.
Or you’re buying food you think you ‘should’ eat, but in reality never do.
Or do you buy take out, eat part of it and leave the rest in the fridge until it grows a furry green winter coat?

Do you buy things On Sale that seem like a good deal but
once you bring them home they don’t fit,
aren’t as easy to use as you’d hoped, or the bag never gets opened?

What about the money you spend buying duplicates of items you know you already own but are unable to locate?
Or you didn’t realize you already had six white shirts so you bought yet another, or shoes that look almost exactly like the pair
in the back of the closet you forgot you owned?

Do you end up paying late fees or interest on bills when you have the money in your account you just misplaced the bill
or didn’t open the mail or failed to cancel the subscription even though you never read/watch/use the service?


This week try paying a little closer attention to what you are buying with your money.
Is it the life you really want to be living?
Make conscious choices.